Tash or Lily the mice catchers – The crime scene

Neither are fessing up to the slaying of a lone mice in a flat on a quite street in Bethnal Green, but the cat sitting police are focusing on two suspects who live in the flat the mice was found dead.

Remi, the cat lady visiting them said she entered their home at approximately 11 am on Sunday 25 May and was greeted at the door by one of the suspects who has been identified as Tash. She told reporters “He seemed quite excited as I entered and couldn’t wait to show me his “prize catch”.

“At first I thought it was a new toy but it soon became obvious it wasn’t.

“Tash appeared proud of what he’d done and circled it, then began rolling on-top of the mice and there appeared to be no blood in the flat.”

Tash’s house mate, a purring feline named Lily was not present and police say she could be a cat of interest.

When contacted, their human  laughed it off and said “they bring the occasional gift from their forages outside”.

We have since been informed both cats along with their human will be returning to France in a few days.

Authorities confirm they are not being deported. 🙂

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