How long do you spend with my cat on each visit?

This very much depends on your cat. Visits generally last a minimum of 30 minutes (£16 – 19 or we have a 45 minute rate (£20 – 23). Cats can be quite discerning, and some take longer in approving strangers. While some cats practically greet us at the door, with meows, purrs and leg brushing, some can be timid and don’t warm to us as easily and are only too happy to see the back of us as we  leave. We respect their individuality.  We also offer overnights for those who prefer to have a pet sitter live in.


Picture 048When do I give the keys to the pet sitter?

We collect keys at the registration visit, so please ensure you have a spare set of keys that have been tested. The set of keys you give us must not be in use by you or other household members. We can’t stress enough the importance of giving us a spare set and not one in use. If your pet sitter has to make a separate trip to collect the keys, there is a £8.00 charge. For new clients, there is an £11 registration fee.

Key return is per agreement between individual client and sitter. Many of our regular clients are happy for us to hold on to keys which are locked away safely and coded for customer confidentiality. Remember, there is a charge to pick up keys should you require our services again. 

Can I schedule a registration visit in the evening?

Of course we can.  We understand most clients work away from home during the day.

Are your rates higher over public holidays?

Yes they are. All public holidays as well as festive periods such as Easter and Christmas/New Year.

How much notice do I need to give?

As much notice as possible would be appreciated. As expected, we get extremely busy at peak times which are Bank Holidays, Easter, June- September and Christmas/New Year period.

While we try to accommodate last-minute requests, this may only be possible for clients whose keys we already hold. A weeks notice gives us time to arrange a home visit and registration.

Do I have the same pet sitter every visit?

We believe in creating bonds. It is our goal to create a special relationship between cat sitter, you and your pets. So yes, you will always have the same cat sitter, however in the case of an emergency or if your cat sitter is not available, another pet sitter will step in and you will get the chance to either speak to or meet.

What time do you visit?

We visit between 8 am and 7pm

Can I contact you for updates?

Of course you can. You may do so via your account on our admin system or our new app, which can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store.  Look for the conversation tab but we do endeavor to send daily or every other day updates, including a photo or two of your cat depending on your agreement with Pet Sitter. 

What happens if there is an emergency with my cat?

You will be alerted and your cat will be taken to your vet if necessary.  Part of the registration includes filing out a vet release form, which authorizes us to agree to treatment of your cat. We are lucky to have a few veterinary trained staff including Sabrina, who qualified as a vet in Italy, Alice (Wimbledon) who studied Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge, Leah, Neama is a Vet Assistant in West London, Amelia who is a Vet Nurse in South London, Chris in Barnet who has been a Vet nurse for 40 yrs.

Should I leave the cat flap open?

This is always a difficult one. Your cat should have the same routine as if you were there, after all that is why you chose cat visits instead of taking your cat to a cattery. If your cat is use to having access to the outside, don’t lock him/her in while you are gone. Of course for total peace of mind you can always lock the cat flap and keep him/her indoors.

Picture 011


What are your payment arrangements?

Payment is required no later than the date of first cat visit, and you will be invoiced once we have confirmed the booking following completion of  registration/booking form. We will add you to our online scheduling system, which will automatically confirm your booking once we accept it, which is usually within 4 hours. You will receive your invoice once we have collected keys. If we already hold your keys, the invoice will be sent once your booking is confirmed. 

Thereafter, you will be able to login and book further bookings, check invoices, update your pets details, your details such as change of address, phone number, emergency contacts, your vet, etc. If you prefer to email us your booking request, we will always be happy to add it to the system ourselves.

Payment is via bank transfer or secure online payment with  debit or credit card. 

Do you have references?

Yes we do, and will be happy to provide references upon your request. You can also see some of them here  and to the right of this page or scroll to bottom of page if using a mobile device.

Leyla on one of her visits to Ginger Elvis and Monkey in Lancaster Gate

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