Lily - bound for France

Lily – bound for France

Yesterday was my last visit to Tash and Lily, two tabby’s I have visited on a very regular basis for over a year. Love conquers all and their human has decided  to relocate back to her native France.

You do get attached to your four legged furry clients especially when visiting them several times a month, while their human would be in France for the weekend or longer holidays such as Christmas.

Tash was a couch potato homebody and Lily was a wanderer who liked nothing better than prowling

Tash - How about them  big paws.

Tash – How about them big paws.

the neighbourhood back yards and sitting on fences. Tash was always at the door waiting to greet me and loved being fussed over whereas it was always a pleasant surprise to find Lilly indoors especially on nice days. This meant I didn’t get to see her yesterday.

Heck I even knew the name of some people that lived on their road and knew by sight, some of the neighbourhood cats.

Good luck guys and enjoy your new home!


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